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wavegarden - Live in Berlin (2008)
wavegarden - Live in Berlin (2008)

February 2007 - In Berlin Carlos and LeAnn listen to Brian Eno's "Day of Radiance." The sound is bright, hypnotic: a zither's lush, repetitive patterns. Carlos plays his crystal singing bowls percussively, matching the rhythm of the zither. It turns out that Laraaji, the musician involved lives in New York. There is some discussion about eMailing him, but but this falls through triage in the busy excitement of wavegarden's first months together.

October 2007 - wavegarden is invited to perform at Mark Becker's New Life Expo in New York City. As their concert ends and other musicians come in to jam, who should make an appearance but Laraaji!

By 2008 a beautiful connection develops as Carlos and LeAnn learn how to convert autoharps into zithers. There is magic in the collaboration and Laraaji tours Germany, France, and Belgium, playing a few concerts with Carlos and LeAnn. The most memorable is on May 30 at the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in Berlin, where this wonderful music originates.
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